We will assist our alma mater, Cornwall College, in every way possible, thus ensuring that BOYS CONTINUE TO BE CONVERTED INTO MEN OF MIGHT.

We will promote the ideals of Brotherhood, Charity and Community Development, participating fully in our present communities for the betterment of mankind.

In the pursuit of our objective, we will be guided by:
Honesty, Integrity, Respect for others, Sincerity, Love and Fear of God. We will give service diligently and to the best of our ability Without expecting a reward in return.


We recognize that upon leaving school there is invariably the strong sentiment, harbored within the mind and heart of every young man, to maintain contact with friends and to do what we can for our alma mater. The New York Chapter of the Old Boys’ Association provides the opportunity to establish and main- tain contact with schoolmates and is a vehicle through which you may do what you can for “the school on the hill”.

The Cornwall College Old Boys’ Association of New York was formed in January 1959.

Its objectives are:

  • To assist our alma mater in every way possible

  • Promote good fellowship among “old boys” everywhere

  • Participate and contribute meaningfully to our immediate community

  • Constantly recruit progressive members and provide an avenue for contribution

We are mindful that in order to realize our objectives, our associa- tion will have to remain focused, strong and vibrant. We also real- ize that consistent growth can only be assured through member participation and commitment.
This membership drive is a part of our continuing and relentless drive to recruit the inactive, and younger “old boys”. The format and structure of our association and meetings encourage and en- sure new member participation. Committee activities provide full opportunities for new member contribution (giving them a voice), and offer interest and variety in a dynamic and harmonious atmos- phere. New members will hopefully be inspired to carry on and display this same drive and effort to assist and improve our alma mater.